Rise of the Runelords

09 - The Road to Magnimar

A difficult goodbye.

From the Journal of Lexis Emberbloom

23rd of Sarenith

We returned to Sandpoint as heroes. This should mark the end of the local murders and the group is planning to leave for Magnimar. I tell them later today that I will not be joining them. They are travelers by nature, while my home is Sandpoint. Also, I don’t quite share their death wish!

24th of Sarenith

So, I decided to travel with them out of town aways before saying our final goodbyes. However, we are magnets for danger. Not long after we left the city, we were attacked by the Sandpoint Devil. That of legend which no one has ever actually seen up close in years, decides to attack us.

As I’ve come to expect of this group, they handled themselves well and slew the beast. A fitting goodbye, I suppose.

I wish them luck. Judging by the danger we encountered together, their journey will certainly not get easier. I will defend Sandpoint if the need arises, but the events of the last few weeks has soured me to the adventurer’s life.

Til we meet again, Heroes of Sandpoint.



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