Rise of the Runelords

10 - The City of Monuments

Of interrogations and executions.

From the Casefiles of Sloan Branford

Entry 76

So, paying that kid to stake out Foxglove’s townhouse is a success, I suppose. Instead of getting news that Foxglove had left his estate, I was informed of an armed band breaking into his home. It turns out these adventurers are the Heroes of Sandpoint that we’ve heard so much about.

It turns out that the Alderns in the townhouse were shapeshifting demons. The Sandpoint band had already dealt with Foxglove – he was indeed a cultist, and he’s very much dead. Luckily, I had a chance to interrogate one of the faceless stalkers before it died. Apparently the Seven Sons Sawmill is a cultist meeting spot. Which, of course, adds to the evidence I’m collecting against Justice Ironbriar. With any luck, I’ll finally get a solid enough case to bring him down. For now, I work with these new arrivals. They may prove to be useful to me.



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