Rise of the Runelords

11 - The Sawmill

How many of them could there possibly be?

From the Casefiles of Sloan Branford

Entry 77

My hunch to continue working with the Sandpoint group has paid off. Following the lead we discovered, we staked out the Seven Sons Sawmill. We waited well into the evening until after the guards in the mill had left (2am) to break in. The basement and first floor were clear of anything suspicious. On the second floor we found cultists robes in the supply closet. However, the big win was on the third floor, were behind a well locked door we found sufficient evidence of the Skinsaw cult. We found bloodied war razors and faces flayed from victims hanging on the wall. We left everything as we found it and we return tomorrow to confront these villains.

Entry 78

Success! All my suspicions of Ironbriar are confirmed and we have ended him. He and his henchmen will no longer be terrorizing the city. We raided the Sawmill once we were sure the cultists had assembled and put down the lot of them. Still it is obvious that Ironbriar is but one agent in a larger organization. There is still work to be done and the next step is to investigate the Shadow Clock. I suspect this will be the lair of Xanesha, whom we’ve heard so much about…

Entry 78/2

An urgent message from Leiter. My makeshift allies continue to move on the Shadow Clock. I will join them as soon as I can.



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