Tsuto Kaijitsu

Ameiko Kaijitsu's mysterious brother...


He’s a half brother of Ameiko Kaijitsu, born of an affair that Lonjuku Kaijitsu’s wife had, greatly shaming Lonjuku. Tsuto disappeared for awhile after claiming that Lonjuku pushed his late wife over a cliff to her death. The halfing serving girl at the Rusty Dragon said that she does not trust Tsuto and believes he is up to no good.

It is now confirmed that Tsuto is up to no good. After raiding the glassworks, ACAP found Tsuto being called “master” by a group of goblins after which he attacked ACAP and was subdued. It appears he tortured Lonjuku Kaijitsu to death. His journal entry detailed his love for Nualia, and after questioning he revealed that he does not want her to transform into a succubus. It also detailed his attack plans in the earlier goblin raid as well as a larger raid of 200 goblins that had not been finalized but would likely involve using old smuggling tunnels under the glassworks. His motive is unclear, though he clearly hates Sandpoint and mentioned that he would not mind seeing the city offered up to be burnt for the goddess of monsters. Tsuto had Ameiko Kaijitsu beaten nearly to death and tied up in the smuggler’s tunnels, though his motive for doing so is unclear.

Tsuto resided in the Sandpoint jail, shackled head to toe, chained to the ground, and inside of a cell. However, he inevitably escaped and found his way to Nualia’s camp.

Tsuto met his end at the hands of the party in the first dungeon floor of Thistletop.

Tsuto Kaijitsu

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