Tag: deceased


  • Father Ezakien

    The previous High Priest of Desna who died in the fire that destroyed the [[Cathedral of Desna|old cathedral]]. Prior to his death, he lived with his adopted daughter, [[:nualia|Nualia]].

  • Lonjuku Kaijitsu

    The leader of the Kaijitsu family and a bit of a recluse. He is the father of [[:ameiko-kaijitsu|Ameiko Kaijitsu]]. He is a wealthy aristocrat of [[Sandpoint]], but does not like to socialize. Recently, he failed to appear to address the crowd at the …

  • Tsuto Kaijitsu

    He's a half brother of [[:ameiko-kaijitsu]], born of an affair that [[:lonjuku-kaijitsu]]'s wife had, greatly shaming Lonjuku. Tsuto disappeared for awhile after claiming that Lonjuku pushed his late wife over a cliff to her death. The halfing serving …

  • Grayst

    The survivor of one of the Sawmill murderer's attacks, Grayst went insane from seeing his friends slaughtered. He was kept at the Sandpoint Sanitarium, where he developed Ghoul Fever. Seeing his transformation, Habe and a necromantic accomplice began …