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  • Thonald Drump Letter

    *Letter (presumably to Thonald Drump)* Details: to be provided by Sloan Text (screen cap to come later): Fourth Brother— I have confirmed that our First Brother, the Iron Thorn is dead. His… mistress in the shadow… is threatened by the …

  • Skinsaw Cult

    A mysterious cult. Not much is known of them. There is apparently a 'Father Skinsaw". They are affiliated with the [[Brotherhood of the Seven]]. Their members are often seeing wearing [[Skinsaw Mask | wicked masks apparently made of human flesh]].

  • Brotherhood of the Seven

    # [[:justice-ironbriar | Justice Ironbriar]] [deceased] # ??? - wrote the [[Thonald Drump Letter | letter]] to Thonald Drump # ??? # ??? # Thonald Drump(?) # ??? # ??? Affiliated, part of the [[Skinsaw Cult]]. Probably their leaders? …

  • Reaper's Mask

    *Background* Taken off the corpse of [[:justice-ironbriar | Justice Ironbriar]] when we fought him in the sawmill in [[Magnimar]]. !(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/289433/Reapers_Mask.jpg?1390935435(Reapers_Mask.jpg)! …