Adopted daughter of Father Ezankien.


She had silver hair and violet eyes.


Adopted by Father Ezakien, she presumably died in the fire that claimed the Father and the old cathedral. No trace of her body was ever found.

She was treated poorly by the townsfolk due to her strange appearance.

Now known to be alive, Nualia is mentioned by Tsuto Kaijitsu as his love. Her role in the attacks on Sandpoint is unclear, but the initial raid was possibly a coverup for her to retrieve Father Ezakien‘s remains. As part of a ritual to begin to transform herself into a succubus, she has burned the remains, apparently to “cleanse her celestial taint”. She is working with a quasit to complete the ritual. Tsuto mentioned in a journal entry that he’s looking forward to Naulia offering up Sandpoint to the goddess of monsters.

She was leading the goblins at Thistletop. She planned to lead an attack on Sandpoint and use the death and choas as an offering to Lamashtu.

Upon defeating her, the party found her diary, called Nulia’s Tail.


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