Sloan Branford

A Magnimarian gun-for-hire.


Gunslinger (Pistolero) 7

51 HP (7d10)
Grit: 3 points

Female Human
Indomitable Faith, Black Powder Fortune

Initiative: +8
Speed: 30ft


STR 12, +1
DEX 23, +6
CON 10, 0
INT 10, 0
WIS, 14, +2
CHA 8, -1


Fort: +6, +2 vs poison
Ref: +12
Will: +6, +2 vs curse, fear, emotion

AC: 23
Touch AC: 19
Flat-footed AC: 15
+1 Leather Armor (+3), Masterwork Buckler (+1), Dex (+6), Dodge (+2), +1 Ring of Protection (+1)

CM Bonus: +8
CM Defense: 27


Acrobatics: 14
Bluff: 3
Climb: 10 (12 with kit)
Craft (Alchemy): 4
Disable Device: 13 (15 with kit)
Escape Artist: 7
Fly: 7
Handle Animal: 3
Heal: 6
Intimidate: 3
Knowledge (local): 4
Perception: 12
Ride: 10
Sense Motive: 2
Stealth: 6
Survival: 6
Swim: 6


+1 Distance Pistol
Ranged: +15/+10, 1d8+7 Crit:x4
Range: 40’ Bludgeoning/Piercing

Full Round Attack with Rapid Shot:

Point Blank Shot for +1 to hit, +1 damage at 30’.
Deadly aim for any or all of these for -2 to hit, +4 damage.


Armor Proficiency (Light)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (One-Handed Firearms)
Martial and Simple Weapon Proficiency – All
1. Point-Blank Shot
1. Rapid Reload (Pistol)
3. Rapid Shot
4. Deadly Aim
5. Weapon Focus (Pistol)
7. Snap Shot

Special Abilities

Deed: Dead Shot (One grit, roll all my attacks. Damage is the number of hits 1d8, plus bonuses once as a single attack. Any natural 20 means a crit threat for the whole attack)
Deed: Deadeye (One grit, can still target touch AC beyond first range increment)
Deed: Gunslinger Initiative (+2 initiative as long as I have grit)
Deed: Gunslinger’s Dodge (One grit when targeted by ranged attack, move 5’ and +2 AC for the attack)
Deed: Pistol-Whip (One grit, melee attack with pistol. If hit, CM to knock down)
Deed: Quick Clear (Standard action to fix a broken gun, or One grit to do it as a move action)
Deed: Targeting (One grit, full round action to target a specific body part of enemy)
Deed: Utility Shot (One grit, blast lock, stop bleeding, or scoot unattended object)
Deed: Up Close and Deadly (One grit, +2d6 precision damage)


+1 Distance Pistol
+1 Leather Armor
Masterwork Buckler
Snakeskin Tunic
+2 Belt of Giant Strength
+1 Cloak of Resistance
+1 Ring of Protection
Gunslinger’s Kit
Gunsmith’s Kit
Thieves’ tools, masterwork
Climber’s Kit
Alchemist’s Kit
200 Paper Cartridges


Sloan Branford

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