Turathion Darkthorn

A friendly elf whose eyes sparkle with intelligence, but flash with a thirst for power.


Wizard, Conjurer, Teleportation subschool
39 HP (7HD)
Male Elf
Dangerously Curious (+1 UMD), Warrior of Old (+2 init)
Init +10

AC = 18 (4 Dex, 4 Mage Armor)
Touch AC = 14 (dex)
Flat-footed = 14 (Mage armor)
Fort 4
Ref 7
Will 7
CMD 17

Arcane Spells – Too many to list here…
+8 Mwk Comp Longbow (1d8)
Wand of Magic Missile

Str + 0
Dex +4
Con +1
Int +6
Wis +1
Cha +1

Special Abilities
Teleport 15 ft 12x/day as swift action
Summons have +3 rds duration
Elven Magic – +2 vs SR
Elven Immunities – sleep, +2 save vs enchantment
Low Light vision
Languages: Abyssal Celestial Common Draconic Elven Gnome Goblin Ignan Infernal Orc Sylvan Thassilonian

Perception +12
Bluff +1
Diplomacy +1

Scribe Scroll
Improved Init
Spell Focus: Conjuration
Augment Summoning
Craft Wondrous Item
Improved Familiar


Turathion stands over 6 feet with deep green eyes and black hair. At 113, he is young by elvish standards, though he is quite capable. Friendly and intelligent, his arrogance and self assured nature have gotten him into trouble. He was in the process of traveling to Magnimar to begin his year long Sojourn Arcana (a study abroad program for the elvish Arcanum in Kyonin), when his caravan stopped in Sandpoint.

He is garbed in a standard elven tunic with loose fitting breeches and well made elven boots with a adventurer’s cloak about his shoulders. His composite longbow and quiver rest across his back. His right hand holds his walking stick, on which is perched Allothrax – a faerie dragon with colorful wings and a very intelligent gleam in its mischievous eyes.

Turathion Darkthorn

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