Letter (presumably to Thonald Drump)


Fourth Brother—

I have confirmed that our First Brother, the Iron Thorn is dead. His… mistress in the shadow… is threatened by the Sandpoint interlopers. She is probably dead already if this bunch of adventurer scum is as… effective… as I hear. We must suspend our plans to add Lord Grobaras to the list of those claimed by the Sihedron. Remove your pawns from the field at once.

I shall punish the Sandpoint band for their interference with our plots. As wary as I was of the Iron Thorn’s mistress, her plan for Grobaras’ “future” suited me well. We shall have him in time…

For now, we remaining Skinsaw must retreat and remain hidden for the time being. A new seventh must be chosen. I shall guide us for now.

Burn this.

In Father Skinsaw’s name,
Second Brother


Letter (presumably to Thonald Drump)

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